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The Power of Secure, Trusted, Innovation
Jul 2, 2014

When your industry is going through a tectonic technology shift, who do you want to have your back?  A proven technology leader offering secure solutions with leading service and support, or well…, the other vendor?


As we are moving closer to crowning the World Cup champion and seeing the ultimate winner raise that gold FIFA World Cup trophy high over their heads, we’re reminded of how interconnected the planet has become.  This has been driven in no small part by the Network, which has become an ever increasing part of the fabric of our lives.  We can see this in the growth in social media, mobile communications, instant HD video entertainment, and any-time any-where commerce. The resulting opportunity as well as the demands placed on the Network is driving major shifts in our industry.


With video based content driving bandwidth growth rates of greater than 40% and the rise of M2M connectivity, the industry is looking to new innovative approaches like Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) to better automate and scale the network.  The end goal?  New, more customized services to not only enable additional revenue streams for Service Providers but also leading to even greater relevance with the end customer.


There are risks, though.  As the Network becomes more intertwined in our lives, its interest to more unsavory characters is leading to a very real threat.  As we saw in Rand’s “Hackers’ Bazaar” study, cyber black markets have reached unprecedented levels of economic maturity and growth.  With security breaches at such well known companies as Target, the impact of this industry can reach over 100 million individuals per breach.


At Juniper, we believe our customers need vendors who can drive innovation.  But it doesn’t stop there.  It needs to be done with security as a key ingredient and with the service and support required to enable our customers to turn our powerful innovations into real business impact.  And we are not alone.  In Infonetics Research’s recent report, Router and Switch Vendor Leadership: Global Service Provider Survey, 31 service providers identified innovation, security, service and support as key selection criteria when making network decisions.


What we’re truly proud of, though, was that Juniper was selected first in all three of these categories:


  • #1 in Technology Innovation
  • #1 in Security
  • #1 in Service and Support

Juniper has been the leader in network innovation since our inception, having been the first company to separate the control plane from the data plane back in 1998 (sounds familiar?).  We are excited to be building on this heritage to drive secure innovation around SDN and NFV.  But we also recognize that adopting and integrating these new technologies is not an easy task. It is great validation to hear from our customers that they view our service & support capabilities as tops in the industry and a strong complement to our innovation leadership.


As we are seeing in this year’s World Cup, a strong offense needs to be complemented by a strong defense and goalkeeper to advance.  Similarly, as we embark down this road of the new virtualized network, Juniper’s secure, trusted innovation is who you want backing you up on the pitch of the marketplace as we transition towards greater agility and software enablement of new business capabilities for network subscribers.


I for one am proud to say that Juniper is leading the charge in delivering SECURE & TRUSTED Innovation.