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Tomorrow’s enterprise cannot be siloed by vendor boundaries that exist today.
Jun 4, 2014

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Today, Juniper announced a game-changing new approach to building the converged wired + wireless enterprise.


Starting immediately, we will open our switches and routers to allow integration with our strategic partners’ products, enabling customers to deploy best-of-breed network solutions based on technology from multiple vendors without the risk of vendor lock-in.  


The significance of this announcement cannot be overstated.  Previously, customers wanting the benefits of convergence were forced to choose closed proprietary solutions from a single vendor.  With today’s announcement, which we made along with Aruba Networks, joint customers now have real options for building truly integrated wired and wireless networks.  Juniper and Aruba are already working to integrate their product lines in the areas of management, policy and network; the results of those integration efforts will be rolled out in three phases over the coming months.


  • Phase 1 will constitute the integration of Aruba and Juniper network management applications, allowing customers to use a common set of tools to manage Juniper wired switches and Aruba WLAN equipment.  This integration will provide a new level of visibility and control over the converged wired + wireless network.
  • Phase 2 will see the integration of policy orchestration, including the definition and deployment of network access rules across Juniper and Aruba networks to ensure the seamless, end-to-end enforcement of user network policies.  Using a common policy language based on user, device, application and location will allow for greater security by reducing the risk of inconsistent or contradictory enforcement within different areas of the network.
  • Phase 3 is the culmination of these efforts, enabling the integration of wired + wireless data planes by opening up the Juniper EX Series and MX Series solutions to third parties like Aruba via a published interface.  This open convergence platform—an industry first—will enable the Aruba WLAN system to directly interface with Juniper switching platforms, optimizing the converged network data plane.

Embedding partner services into the Juniper EX Series data plane confirms the power of the industry’s most programmable switch.  While leveraging programmable silicon allows both Juniper and Aruba to deliver open wired + wireless convergence, the future is still wide open for integration with other industry-leading partners.


We are proud to work with Aruba as our first partner on this integration effort.  However, customers need to know that but this is just the beginning.  As the platform evolves, Juniper will expand its technology partner base, building on this initial effort to open up interfaces and access to Juniper platforms through the Open Convergence Framework.


We are excited about our partnership with Aruba Networks and how it provides both Juniper and Aruba customers with comprehensive, value-added network solutions.  Enterprise customers building high-IQ networks recognize the importance of open, flexible, converged solutions that embrace best-of-breed technology without the risk of vendor lock-in.


The future can be wide open, but it starts with opening up our technologies to our worthy technology partners and customers.