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Transforming Network Edge Economics
Oct 15, 2013


The torrent of wired and wireless subscriber growth and data consumption in the form of HD video, social media and online mobile gaming, for instance, presents a huge opportunity for service providers and cable operators – but it’s also a great challenge.


While growth means additional revenue, the capital and operational expenses associated with adding data-hungry users can devour margins, especially if providers have to buy more infrastructure to meet those needs.


In response to this escalating need, we’re transforming the economics of the network edge here at Juniper. Today we announced a slew of technology boosts to our MX Series 3D Universal Edge Router portfolio that will equip network operators with new technology aimed at scaling the network in three key dimensions: capacity, subscribers and services.

These exciting announcements will:


  • Enable our customers to economically increase the capacity of their existing network
  • Deliver increased numbers of managed services in a common architecture
  • Increase the number of subscribers that can be hosted for a higher “sub-per-slot” ratio


To give you an idea of how powerful our workhorse MX2020 at the high end of the portfolio is, just one of them can simultaneously stream high-definition video to every household in California. That’s about 11.5 million homes.


Talk about scalability.


The enhancements announced today also give our service-provider and cable-operator customers a seamless way to support their growth. Doubling capacity with an MX line card, for instance, can be as easy as switching out a memory card in your digital camera. With no service interruption, the MX really shines for providers adhering to strict SLA or tight maintenance windows.


Additionally, with a common operational model that can be propagated across mobile and fixed networks, a common operating system and a common set of service and interface cards, network operators can leverage a single model to accommodate their every need to ensure the most optimize cost structure possible.


For more information about our MX router portfolio, check out our website.