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Universal Edge 2020: Maximizing Service Provider Revenue and Scaling the Edge for the Next Decade
Oct 10, 2012

As our Universal Edge announcements roll out in the market, I am reflecting on the impact that our innovations will have globally.  The exponential growth projections for content consumption - especially video – will continue to have a significant impact on our industry, our customers’ business models, and our success as well.  More importantly, I believe the success of our industry requires an open, horizontal platform infrastructure that enables service creation through new software application innovation such as our JunosV App Engine.


Analysts estimate that there will be over 50 billion mobile devices by 2020, and the growth of video and cloud-based applications continues unabated.   As this growth continues, the role of software in managing network infrastructure will most certainly increase to ensure service providers have the agility they need to rapidly deploy new applications and tune their networks to provide mass customization to their mobile, residential, and business customers. 


Juniper’s vision for the universal edge continues to be validated in the marketplace.  Thousands of customers have deployed our MX router around the world. I see more and more service providers converging multiple applications onto this single platform, benefitting from the CapEx, OpEx, and user experience benefits that it brings.  Through the combined efforts of our Platform and Software divisions, Juniper has announced a series of new hardware and software-based solutions that will expand the capacity and capabilities of existing service provider network infrastructure, providing for greater network efficiency, while enabling better network monetization with new software-enabled services.  These new solutions will enable service providers to grow their average revenue per user, increase managed services revenue, while reducing total of cost of ownership.  We have numerous third-party research and economic models that validate the real-world benefits of this strategy, including studies from IDC, Foresight Valuation Group, and ACG Research.


And most importantly, our customers are speaking.  In our recent edge announcements alone, we highlighted customers around the world --Telstra, NTT Communications, XO Communications, Colt, and Lime TV.  Our customers are leveraging the MX 3D Universal Edge with our software services and turning our vision into action!


For a quick rundown of our announcements and some of the benefits, check out my chat with Ray Mota, head of ACG Research.