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What’s Your Top Technology Frustration?
May 22, 2014

It’s nearly impossible to be in tech without being frustrated. And where better to talk about frustration than at a Cisco conference? We sent reporter David Spark to San Francisco to ask attendees at Cisco Live 2014, “What is your top technology frustration?” After interviewing dozens of attendees, Spark discovered we’ve got a lot of things that still annoy us about technology. Not surprisingly (to me at least), we heard the Cisco Live attendees lament “bugs,” “latency” and “UCS.” 


While all vendors experience issues, it’s what commitment the vendor shows to innovation, investment protection, and customer support that really sets them apart.  At Juniper, these attributes are in our DNA.  From the very first product Juniper shipped 16 years ago, we have always been the challenger.  Challenging the status quo, challenging incumbent lock-in, and challenging ourselves to supporting our customers’ ideas and connecting them to their business opportunities.


Watch the video and see how many of these frustrations ring true for you.  And I’d be happy to show you how we’ve helped our customers solve some of their toughest challenges.  It’s what we do every day, and it’s the most rewarding part about working for Juniper.


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