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Workflow Automation with Puppet for Junos OS
Apr 2, 2013

There is dichotomy when it comes to automating the IT infrastructure in data centers. The divide between sysadmins and networking admins has grown into a chasm, and it threatens to get even wider.  For their part, sysadmins have evolved and rely largely on automation tools to provision and configure servers, enabling them to deploy compute infrastructure within seconds when responding to changing business environments.  Network admins, on the other hand, can take hours or even days to make the corresponding changes to the network, making the process of rolling out new applications frustratingly slow and effectively canceling out the timesaving benefits that virtualization was supposed to bring to the data center. 




To bridge this gap, Juniper Networks is announcing the general availability of Puppet for Junos OS, a tool that will help bring sysadmins and network admins closer together.  Puppet for Junos OS allows IT teams to seamlessly manage both the compute and networking infrastructures in concert.  Sysadmins no longer need to open a “change request” ticket and wait for the network admin to add a VLAN to a top-of-rack (ToR) switch. They can use Puppet for Junos OS to manage these changes in the same way they manage servers today. Network admins can now delegate small tasks in a controlled manner and not be inundated with change requests. By improving the process of deploying applications, Puppet for Junos OS creates a much more agile IT infrastructure allowing IT teams to respond faster to changing business environments.  


Puppet for Junos OS consists of two components:  the netdev module, installed on the Puppet Master, and the jpuppet package, installed on Juniper switches.  The Puppet for Junos OS netdev module is vendor neutral and completely abstracts the network; switches look just like any other node to the Puppet Master.

Puppet for Junos OS is supported on the EX4200, EX4500, EX4550, QFX3500, QFX3600, MX5, MX10, MX40, MX80, MX240, MX480 and the MX960 platforms.  Learn more about Puppet for Junos OS by clicking on the following links.