Network without Barriers
Network without Barriers
Helping Customers Capitalize on Mobile, Cloud and Video

Mobile, cloud and video. Three megatrends that are having a significant impact on service provider networks. Each one of these trends represents a shift in behavior, and a shift in the way content, data and applications are used and consumed.


The network plays a fundamental role in all three. Without the network, you couldn’t access your cloud services, download an app on your mobile phone or watch a video on your tablet. Yet network service providers are in the early phases of determining how to optimize their networks for the delivery of mobile, cloud and video; and also how they can monetize this shift with innovative new services.


Today Juniper introduced several new applications and products designed to help our customers achieve both goals: monetization and optimization. And the new applications and products we are announcing are applicable to all service providers, regardless if you are serving residential customers or businesses, or both.


On the consumer side, we have introduced two new products. Junos Content Encore is the evolution of our products formerly known as Media Flow, and with the new Application Services Modular Line Card (AS-MLC) we introduced, Junos Content Encore can now be integrated directly in our leading MX Series Universal Edge routers. Junos Content Encore makes it easier for service providers to introduce revenue generating services such as TV everywhere, multiscreen TV, and other TV and video services delivered over broadband network.


We also introduced Junos Web Aware, an exciting new application  that enables wireless and wireline network operators to leverage their subscriber relationships to further monetize their network with revenue-generating services such as parental control and online advertising.


We also announced several new products that enable operators to deliver new and enhanced services to their enterprise customers. JunosV FireFly is a virtual firewall that makes it easier to deliver managed security services. Junos Node Unifier is a platform clustering program for MX Series that enables seamless scaling. And Juniper Business Cloud CPE enables service providers’ enterprise customers to offload complex monitoring and Layer 3 routing intelligence from their on-site premises and onto the service provider’s MX router.


Together, the new applications can help lower total cost of ownership (TCO) by  42 percent lower, 81 percent reduction in operation, administration and management (OAM) costs, and accelerated delivery of expanded services.[1]


It’s a unique approach, and only Juniper is delivering these capabilities that help customers optimize and monetize their networks for profitable growth for the coming era of emerging cloud, mobile and video.




[1] ACG Research, Optimizing the Network and Monetizing Services with the Juniper Service Delivery Gateway, 2012