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[ANNOUNCEMENT] [VIDEO] New Knowledge Base

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‎11-13-2008 05:47 PM

We are pleased to announce the new support knowledge base has been launched. 


Below is a list of new features:


  • "Most Popular" and "Recently Updated" tabs on the front page. Also
    check out the READ ME tab for the latest updates and information on the
    KB itself.
  • New "Browse Knowledge Base categories" link on the
    homepage and when viewing an article. You can sort these results by
    Most Popular and Recently Updated as well. (try this)
    • You can subscribe to an RSS feed of new articles in any category
    • You can drill into the categories an article has been filed under
    • When browsing, the system shows whether you've already viewed the article
  • Subscribe to an article - you'll receive an email when it's updated (registered users only)
  • New "Solved Threads" filter when you select By Source-J-Net (see sample)
  • Expanded search coverage - virtually the entire site, including KB,
    Documentation, J-Net, J-Security Center, and the Products area is now
    available - and easily focus your search using the By Source filters.By
    Source->Documentation has a new Release Notes sub-filter so you can
    quickly zero in on upgrade information.
  • Improved handling of technical query elements like log messages (e.g. junoscope_purge_auditlog) and IP addresses (
  • Better handling of version strings like "9.2r3" or "5.4.1"

Please go to and try it out for yourself!






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