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10 GbE Fixed Configuration Switches are Becoming the Well-Rounded Athletes of the Enterprise
Aug 26, 2010

Many of our customers are telling us how surprised they are that the Juniper Networks EX4500 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) switch is so well-suited to serving as a small campus core.


I was not surprised.  After all, Juniper has been delivering campus core solutions with the EX Series fixed-configuration switches for the past couple of years.  


Fixed form-factor switches have come a long way in a very short time.  Three years ago, fixed-configuration switches were filling Layer 2-only access layer roles in the data center; today they offer the same feature richness, compact size, low power draw and ease-of-use as their 1 GbE siblings—but at ten times the speed, and, at a fraction of the cost of modular switches. They also offer the same convenience in size, power draw and ease of use as other fixed configuration switches.  (And did we mention the pricing advantage of fixed form factors vs. modular switches?  Another big benefit!)


So why use a fixed-configuration 10GbE switch as a campus core?  Because they happen to deliver what small campuses need:  low cost, low power consumption and easy deployment.  In fact, fixed 10GbE switches can now replace 10 and 12 RU boxes while offering MORE wire-speed 10GbE ports and Layer 3 functionality. The 40 downlink ports on the EX4500 can function at either wire-speed 10 GbE or wire-speed 1 GbE.  What’s not to like?


But that’s not all.  Fixed-configuration switches also provide the ability to create a small network core fabric using both 1 GbE fiber and 10GbE fiber boxes to aggregate a mix of 1 and 10GbE campus uplinks.  We plan to offer this capability with Virtual Chassis fabric technology on the EX4500 that will enable EX4200 and EX4500 switches to be interconnected as a single fabric composed of 1 and 10GbE fiber ports offering full Layer 3 functionality.   


Just one more pleasant surprise for our campus customers.

Aug 27, 2010
Distinguished Expert

Your article describes perfectly the way I see the 4500.

Nov 24, 2013
Raymond Huyge



I am trying to find the power draw of my EX4500.  You mention the EX4500 has a low power draw, but what is it?  I have two documents that states three power draws.  I would like to know what you found to be the correct power draw.


Here are the two documents.



The first document states dual load sharing 650W power supplies.  The second on page 5 states a max of 364 W and on page 9 1200W power supply.


Please advise.