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NextGen Networking
Big Data, Big Opportunities
Aug 1, 2012

Big Data has the potential to revolutionize all of the classic IT business processes as we know them.  I am already seeing the beginnings of where the revolution can go.


One of the first areas is that of intellectual property management.  Big data analytics have the potential to allow owners of copyright material to globally identify where their content is being used, and match that against royalty payments and attributions. This is being done today for music royalties.  If your product is content, you can have much more visibility into its use and much more accurate payments for its use.


The second area is in replacing today’s standard data base software.  Data has been structured for many decades because this was the only way to efficiently search, manage and edit.  Hadoop  offers  a very new way of doing this, without losing any of the previous capabilities.  More flexibility for data analysis and reporting anyone?


The third thing, which is quite intriguing, is the ability to have machine to machine conversations which deliver optimized just-in-time materials management.  What if your business depends upon stocking of goods.  What if the goods are perishable.  If the shelves talk to your supply depots and report when they are getting to critical levels, you can manage deliveries much more efficiently.  No more guesswork on what to order when.  The products will order themselves and order their delivery.  Lots of savings there.


What information could you collect about your business to make you more successful?