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Big Data predicts and prevents Big Problems
Aug 27, 2012

Big data is beginning to be used to solve real human problems that require statistical analysis and real time reporting.  For those of you who remember statistics, having a large sample size is critical for gauging accuracy.  The larger the sample size, the more exact the trend line prediction.


An interesting use for big data is for predictive health management.  Groups of humans can behave in a statistically predictable fashion, if the sample size is large enough and there a good understanding of the associated variables.  A large pool of patients’ data can be analyzed with the view towards understanding probability of future health issues.  The best possible patient care is preventative.  So this has tremendous potential for not only making people healthier, but reducing cost of care. And the good thing is that it gets more accurate over time.


How about if your health care provider was able to predict what health issues you would need to address next?  And, what if they could prepare in advance to be able to diagnose and treat these problems?  With the right data, this is now becoming possible.

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