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Big data is whose data?
Jul 27, 2012

Each time technology takes a step forward, there are interesting new legal and social paradigms which must evolve around it.  In the era of big data (much of which is comprised of your individual data) there is the emerging question of ownership.


 Is big data owned by the person or organization collecting it, or is it owned by the persons who generated it?  Or both?

A few recent articles frame up this discussion.


The science of big data – proving your thesis by sharing your data.  In the scientific world, when one presents a thesis, it is required to show the data on your experiments.  If computer scientists present conclusions based on big data that they do not share, should their conclusions be accepted?


Can you as a consumer request access to the big data collected about you?   Maybe not.


Should big data be regulated?  Should companies have the right to analyze and sell your information without oversight?