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Hosting Data Centers: Your Content Stays Where You Put It
Jan 18, 2011

I’ve pointed out that production data centers have five different variations, and I’ve covered four of them in previous blogs. Today, I’ll talk about the fifth—hosting data centers.


Hosting production data centers come from the classical hosting services market.  These providers started by hosting servers for customers who did not want to maintain their own server farms.  Unlike having your content in a cloud, you know exactly where your content is—it is in the servers that the hosting provider manages for you.


Many of these production data centers are regionally based and serve businesses either in a specific geographic region, or for a particular type of application.


Due to certain government regulations, various types of content cannot leave their countries of origin. Records of

certain types of transactions must be kept within geopolitical domains.  This excludes global cloud data centers from providing services to these companies and concerns.


Hosting providers are moving towards offering aaS services as well.  This is convenient for their existing customers who may wish to have a more flexible model of outsourced support while still knowing where their data is located.


The hosting business is going through perhaps the greatest transition of all the different types of data centers.  There are multiple variations of companies which provide hosting, access, internet and various services which are expanding into adjacent markets to allow hosting to be a part of their traditional or new service menus.


Sometimes, Internet providers expand to offer hosted services as well as connectivity services.  An example of this is Zen Internet, who wanted to create a streamlined, cost-effective and manageable data center infrastructure that delivers the reliability and scalability required to support its growing number of business customers.

Jan 18, 2011

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Jan 18, 2011