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NextGen Networking
It used to be just a vision, but now I have one at work
Mar 27, 2014

Next week at Interop in Las Vegas, attendees will have an opportunity to get some fresh views of two key trends in networking – Data Center Fabrics and BYOD.


 Friday April 4 Customer Panel Discussion: Real-World Ethernet Fabrics


Ethernet Fabrics are here and they work. This panel discussion on Friday will discuss insights and real world experiences based on their implementation of fabrics. Wil Plouffe Research Staff Member and Technical Lead, IBM Research Accelerated Discovery Lab, IBM will discuss the IBM experiences with the Juniper QFabric. This is a great opportunity for anyone who is considering an Ethernet Fabric to hear about how it works and how it achieves results.


For those who would like a preview of the IBM commentary, check out this short video:


Wednesday, April 02 BYOD, WLANs and Wires: Harmonious Co-Existence


Why can’t I just use my own computer at work? Remember when you said that. Be careful what you ask for.


Now you can have it. Along with your phone, your tablets, your smart watch, your google glass… But, along with independence comes responsibility. You have to make sure that the company information you create and use stays where it is supposed to stay.


And if you are responsible for the network, you now have to figure out how to balance the wired and wireless networks, the owned and the unowned, the friendly and the rogue. This panel will provide thought on how to integrate the wired and wireless infrastructures to serve this new world of BYOD. Considerations will include how to create a safe environment for a constantly changing array of user owned devices and the security implications and requirements that result.


For those who would like a preview of the thoughts on balancing a wired/wireless enterprise network, check out this webinar



And when you are done with checking out how the visions became reality, you are ready to take on the next big thing – Software Defined Networking.

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