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Juniper sets a new high water mark for 10GbE Campus wiring closet aggregation density
Sep 9, 2010

Have you wanted to move to 10GE uplinks out of your wiring closets, but were disappointed by the cost and effort to upgrade the aggregation layer?  Wait no longer.  The Juniper Networks EX8216 modular switch supports up to 640 10GbE campus uplinks per chassis using our new 40-port EX8200-40XS 10GbE line card for the EX8200 line.

So how many user ports is that? 30,720 (if you have 48-port wiring closet stackable switches).


Don’t need that many?  The eight-slot EX8208 will support up to 15,360 user ports.


Good enough?


Not ready to upgrade all your links to 10GbE at once?  No problem; each port on the EX8200-40XS line card is capable of supporting both GbE and 10GbE optics.  Upgrade at your own pace.


Details:  The EX8200-40XS offers 40 SFP+ / SFP ports on a single line card.  The ports are organized into eight groups of five ports each; each group has 10 Gbps of dedicated switching bandwidth to be dynamically shared amongst the ports.  If you use all of the five ports in a group, the oversubscription ratio is 5:1; if you use only one port, the oversubscription ratio is 1:1.  So you can tune the rate of oversubscription from line rate to 5:1, depending on the number of ports you plug in.


With the new EX8200-40XS, a pair of EX8200 chassis can now aggregate up to 30,000 end users.  Go for the upgrade.  It’s a lot easier than you thought.


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