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Simply Connected at Any Scale
Sep 28, 2011

Are you struggling to manage all the smart phones and tablets invading your campus?  Overwhelmed by the sheer number of requirements for dealing with devices, applications and security?  There is a way to manage all this.  Juniper calls it being “Simply Connected.” And we have products to help you to get there.


Part of our prescription for getting to Simply Connected is to become “wired-less.”— a fundamental belief that, going forward, you will need more wireless access and fewer wires to manage.  This “wired-less” campus network must be able to scale gracefully from the smallest branch office to the largest corporate headquarters. The EX Series of Ethernet switches offers Virtual Chassis – a technology which allows you to combine multiple wiring closet switches into one “virtual switch” with one IP address.  Our wireless clustering technology provides a unique set of resiliency features which deliver a nonstop wireless access network – essential for the new network with lots of mobile devices.


In order to meet this requirement for scale, Juniper has just shipped new products for both our EX Series Ethernet switch family and our WLAN series offering greater flexibility and choice.  Combined with SRX Service Gateways customers can build a secure, general purpose network for all applications such as voice, video, data or a combination of the three.


In order to scale down for very small workspaces of 12 ports or less, we offer the EX2200-C Ethernet switch—a compact, fanless device designed for micro-office deployments).  In order to scale up for the largest offices for 432wired ports, we have the new EX6200 chassis-based switch For businesses requiring four 10GbE uplinks and full layer2/3 support including MPLS, BGP and IPv6 routing  for their 48-port switches, we have the EX3300 fixed-configuration switch with Virtual Chassis technology.  Juniper’s new WLC880 Wireless LAN Controller scales to support up to 256 802.11n access points.


As we move into the new era of campus networks, we hope you will consider what Juniper has to offer to get you Simply Connected.  For more information on all our campus products, please click here.

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