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NextGen Networking
What if the application just adjusts to the network?
Jul 23, 2012

The current big debate in networking is about how to make the network responsive to applications.  How does the network know what the application needs and adjust accordingly?  Tele-presence and  video are considered the killer apps driving this need to make the network application-aware and dynamically adjustable.  This has been considered the new frontier of networking.  And the burden has always been on the network to do the adjusting.


One answer has been  the drive to 10GE, 40GE, 100GE to provide faster speeds and bigger pipes.  Another answer is the propmise of Software Defined Networking which will bridge the divide between network and application – someday.  What I have not seen up until now is a discussion of how the reverse might be an equally acceptable, or better, answer.  How about if the application figures out the network and adapts to it?


It appears that at least one app developer isn’t waiting for the network to adapt to them.  They are doing the adapting.  Apparently in a successful manner.  And this is the killer app – telepresence.


Pretty cool.