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Packet-Optical Episode II: MX Awakens

The Internet loves rumors. Spoilers. Dirt. Cat videos. The only thing that seems to generate more rumors than an iPhone launch is the release of a new Star Wars movie. I need not remind this audience that the official release is just hours away. If ever there were a reason to call in sick...
Spoiler Alert
Not to be outdone, the rumor mill has delivered yet another an inside scoop - one far more relevant to this blog: a packet-optical teaser! Our friends at SUNET have provided their own sneak-preview of a new blockbuster: 100G packet-optical on MX!
Palpatine MX.png
Why does packet-optical make sense? Let's hear it straight from the carrier:
"To make a very long story short SUNET will build a national carrier-network spanning through the whole of Sweden on leased darkfibre. The optical network is built and owned by SUNET and the unorthodox thing that we will do is that we we will not put any transponders in the optical line-system."
What SUNET describes epitomizes the core value of packet-optical: reduce TCO by eliminating the excess cost, rackspace and management of conventional transponders and move all DWDM interfaces into the existing router slots managed via Junos.
Clean. Tight. Simple. That's the beauty of packet-optical.
Coming to a Router Slot Near You 
Hopefully this isn't news to readers of this blog. After all, packet-optical on PTX has been available for several years. But packet-optical on MX? That is news.
Want more info? You'll need to waiting until opening day...


This is exciting news! 


Just one question,  the MX DWDM 100g interface will be interoperable with the PTX current DWDM interface right? 

Juniper Employee



This is pre-release info, so I can't say too much (yet)... but rest assured there is a 100G cohernet interop solution with PTX. Your Juniper SE can share more details before the public product launch.



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