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A Summary of the EMEA Partner Breakout Session at Juniper's First Global Partner Conference

The EMEA breakout session was packed to the rafters with partners eagerly waiting what the EMEA executives had to share with them. First up was Sean Dolan who shared his three promises; innovate and value, invest in people and execute on marketing. He said we (Juniper) have all the key components in EMEA to be successful. We must continue to leverage our innovation. Closing with we will continue to invest in resources to support our growth through partners.


There was a bid warm welcome for EMEA’s guest speaker Alastair Edwards of Canalys. In his opening remarks he said that we will see lots of changes in the channel in the coming years and how we support customers. Alastair’s first poll highlighted that the EMEA audience believes that they expect revenues to grow over 10% during 2012 – wow this is really positive news! He continued to state that in EMEA the impact from the last crisis was short term, although there are still countries in Europe, which have experienced a double dip. He continued with that customers understand that IT spend is strategic and are willing to invest, but may vary from country to country. The basis of his presentation echoed what Kevin Johnson our CEO delivered during this morning session; 2012 will be defined by three major themes; Mobility, Cloud Computing and Consumerisation. The next poll that Alastair ran highlighted that the economy is defining uncertainty in the future, with partners still a little apprehensive about the economic climate. Partners take note - the channel challenges in 2012 include; economic, IT consumption, cash flow, lack of skills and competition. The final poll in this presentation showed that the audience agrees that there will be significant opportunity for Cloud in 2012. Then the session concluded with an invitation for partners to join the Candefero community for FREE research and reports. Do this today and enjoy the benefits.


James Bristow spoke about JAM (Juniper Addressable Market), highlighting growth opportunities in the service provider market. He made reference to “Pump up the Jam” (a reference to an early 1980s dance song).  He also told everyone that Juniper is an innovator and leading the industry.


Next up was Gerard Allison; he told the EMEA audience that Juniper is a thought leader in the security space. We are going to focus and take Market share during 2012.


Doing it right for marketing was Nick Barley, he reminded partners about the three FREE campaigns in a box offer and urged partners to take full advantage of the offers available – contact your PAM/regional channel team for more details. Nick told the partners we will support you in 2012 to make your marketing campaigns successful. He then polled the EMEA audience and the results showed partners wanted more help with social media and lead generation. That’s good news for me, as you I’m dedicated to building the awareness of social media in the EMEA theatre. He concluded with that there are huge opportunities in social marketing. Blogging helps with engagement, you might not be able to take on large competitors with huge marketing funds, but you can take them on and outsmart them online and in particular through the use of social media – partners need to get more social with your marketing campaigns.

It was then Martin Hester’s turn to talk about focus areas with partners; education, sales, ease of doing business & programs. He highlighted that EMEA is leading the way in education, well done to everyone who completed their education programmes during 2011, keep up the good work in 2012.


Stefano Alei encouraged partners to join the champion programme and gain rewards.


Joe Robertson closed the EMEA breakout presentations stating that Services are sexy! Service can help build brand and loyalty with the customer. Best way to maintain and sustain long term relationships.


EMEA Award Winners 2011


We finished off the EMEA breakout session by acknowledging those partners whom have made a significant impact during 2011. The awards were handed out to;


DACH Partner of the Year is IBM Germany
MEA Partner of the Year is XON
North Partner of the Year is Ericsson
RESE Partner of the Year is NVision Group
South Partner of the Year is IBM France
UKI Partner of the Year is Imtech
EMEA Distributor of the Year is Westcon Security
EMEA Service Provider Infrastructure Partner of the Year is infradata
EMEA Enterprise Partner of the Year is Telefonica
EMEA Commercial Partner of the Year is Bezeq International


Congratulations and well done to all the winners!


Note the EMEA session will be available on video within the next week and the presentations can be downloaded shortly. Finally don’t forget you can watch the main conference sessions again at you will need a login to view the content. What are you waiting for? View these fantastic videos now.