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Guest Blog from Rob Kingma - Perspectives from last month's Global Partner Conference

Perspectives from our global partner community on the 2012 Global Partner Conference.


‘Disruptive Technology’ was a term I heard repeated in a number of the presentations given at the Juniper GPC held in Las Vegas last month and as the principal of a Juniper dedicated VAR it is was welcomed.

First coined by Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen in his 1997 book ‘The Innovators Dilemma’, Christensen points out that market leading corporations are not incentivised to capitalise on the potential efficiencies and cost-savings created by these technologies. Instead these organisations tend to defend their profits and business models by focusing on incremental improvements to the status quo.

For ICT Networks, disruptive technologies such as QFabric offer up opportunities for greater penetration of both the enterprise and service provider markets.They provide a ‘door opener’ to more Executive, Architect and Engineering discussions. They provide us the ability to grow our accounts list and revenues by selling todays’ solutions while
educating on tomorrow.

There is no question in my mind that we saw a revitalized Juniper team at the GPC, invigorated by the market success of the EX and wiser for the experience of the SRX release. This was evidenced by the sheer number of Executive one – ones carried out by the team during the conference.

Add all this to Junipers’ re-commitment to the partner community which is supported by a new Partner program, additional investment in training and partner marketing and I’m confident that we have a profitable 2012 to look forward to.



Rob Kingma is the CEO of ICT Networks and an avid studier and observer of sales and marketing processes and trends. ICT Networks is Australia’s only network integrator specialising in the Design, Integration and Operation of Juniper Networks’ complete range of Network, Security and Mobility solutions.


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