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Juniper Networks Announces Acquisition of Mykonos Software

We are pleased to announce that Juniper has completed the purchase of Mykonos Software, the first security company to use groundbreaking intrusion deception technology to secure web applications in both the data center and the cloud.  This acquisition further extends Juniper’s leadership in security innovation and adds a powerful solution to our portfolio that breaks with conventional approaches.
Together with Mykonos Software, Juniper is transforming the security industry and changing the ROI of hacking by making it costly, time consuming and tedious for attackers by blocking the effectiveness of their automated tools and forcing them to hack manually and chase after false data.  
The Mykonos Software intrusion deception system neutralizes threats as they occur, profiling the attack, learning the attacker’s behavior, and then using that behavior to thwart future attacks, preventing loss of data and saving companies potentially millions of dollars from prevention of fraud or lost revenue.
By creating detection points – or tar traps – that can identify attackers before the attack, Mykonos Software can detect and evaluate the threat level of malicious activity, and respond automatically with threat-appropriate counter measures while also providing device level tracking, beyond the IP address, which allows for attackers to be uniquely identified, monitored and mitigated.
Mykonos Software’s solution is geared today toward enterprise and government customers, however, we are working quickly to assess the requirements and roadmap for service provider and commercial offerings.  We will provide full details in due time, but for now, we wanted to let you know that we anticipate taking initial orders starting April 30, 2012 with availability for all Juniper partners to follow later in the year.  Support will initially be handled by the Mykonos Software support center, but over time, this will be migrated to Juniper or to our partners who provide services directly to our customers.  We will provide more details on this at the appropriate time.
This is a great addition to Juniper’s portfolio, and we look forward to the new discussions we can have together with our customers, and the new selling opportunity it brings you!


Emilio Umeoka
Senior Vice President
Worldwide Partners
Nawaf Bitar
SVP & General Manager
Security Business Unit

Learn more about how Juniper, together with the Mykonos Software acquisition, provides a new selling opportunity to our partners with the only intrusion deception system that neutralizes threats as they occur. 

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