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Architecture Evolution of Mobile Packet Core (EMEA)

Tuesday, February 28   11:00 am CET / 10:00 am UK

Value Added Services – evolving from traditional plans to subscriber tailored plans as an opportunity for monetization

With the growing penetration of smartphones and tablets, the challenge for Mobile service providers is more and more going beyond the connectivity model to create added value to their subscribers , to properly counter the pressure from Over the Top players. Juniper response to such issues consists in providing service providers the ability to personalize the offerings and promotions according to each subscriber behavior; the solution enabling such capabilities is the Service Delivery Gateway. The session will focus on the Service Delivery Gateway solution that provides what we refer to as ‘Efficiency in Continuous Improvement’; the SDG architecture combines the capability to collect and analyze user bahaviours, flexibility build new tailored data centric offerings and promote them selectively and interactively at the right moment in time to specific subscribers.


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