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Personal Branding Expert William Arruda talks to Juniper's New Direction Womens Lunch

This was probably my favourite session of the Partner Conference and it is where I got to meet William Arruda for the first time, I was so excited as I’ve read his book “Career Distinction” and have been working on my own personal brand since 2007. So, here’s a summary of what he covered in the session.


William introduced the audience to the importance of creating unique experiences and connections; this is what creates your own unique brand. He says conformity is the enemy of innovation. Note that working on your personal brands doesn’t compete with corporate brands they complement one another and help build a greater more authentic voice. It is so important for corporates to utilise employees’ personal brands.


He also shared his 1-2-3 approach to personal branding success started with extract, then moved onto express and then exude your personal brand. You can find out more about this process in his book “Career Distinction”. If there is one personal branding take away you have then remember that personal branding is not about being famous, it is about knowing your audience both internally and externally. So, BE YOU!


To get you started with personal branding check out William’s personal branding videos, there are lots of useful hints and tips and also measure your online identity by using the online ID calculator. Or you might want to connect with him via his Facebook page.


After the presentation I was lucky enough to interview William, this video will be posted on YouTube so watch out for this.


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