Puppet for Junos OS
Puppet for Junos OS

Puppet for Junos OS FAQ - Early Adopter Release 0.8B1.1

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‎02-11-2013 02:10 PM

Why Puppet for Junos OS?

A number of our customers use Puppet for IT automation.  The team responsible for IT automation, sometimes referred to as devops, needs to coordinate moves-add-changes with the networking team; for example adding ports to VLANs.  The networking team wants to delegate these specific configuration controls to devops.  Puppet for Junos allows the networking teams to delegate these controls and enables the devops team to use Puppet as their common IT modeling and automation process.

What is Puppet for Junos OS?

Puppet for Junos OS is comprised of two items provided by Juniper Networks:


  1. A native Puppet agent & libraries to be installed on Junos OS devices.  This is distributed as a Junos OS package
  3. A Puppet module, netdev, which provides new Puppet resource-types for basic network abstractions, like VLANs. 

Juniper's approach is to make Junos OS devices be another "node" in Puppet managed infrastructure: 





Who is the Intended User?

The intended user of Puppet for Junos is the devops team.   The devops team would be responsible for using the netdev module as part of their overall Puppet managed infrastructure. 


The networking team would simply be responsible for loading the Puppet agent onto the Junos OS devices.  The networking team would continue to manage the Junos OS devices using their existing best practices.




What is an "Early Adopter" Release?

Puppet for Junos is being first released as an open beta for an "early adopter" community.  The purpose of the EA release is to allow devops and networking teams experience in deploying and using the software in the context of a lab environment.   The EA release is being made available only for the following platforms and Junos releases:


  • EX4200, EX4550 – Junos 12.2R3.5
  • QFX3500 – Junos 12.2X50-D30.4

The EA release is built to support Puppet open-source 2.7.19.


Where can I get Puppet for Junos OS

Complete installation instructions are provided in our online documentation here:



You can download the Junos OS jpuppet package from:



The netdev Puppet module is hosted on Puppet Forge and installed using the "puppet module install" command.

The netconf Ruby gem is hosted on RubyGems.org and can be installed using gem tool.


Where can I go for Support?

For documentation, including installation instructions and troubleshooting, please refer to our online documentation here: 



Support for Puppet for Junos OS is handled via this J-Net forum. Juniper Networks employees who are Puppet-for-Junos experts will monitor and moderate the forum.





-- Jeremy