Real Talk: The Network Matters
Real Talk: The Network Matters

A few nerdy book recommendations while you're isolating

‎04-08-2020 01:02 PM

Buy all of these from your favourite indie bookstore & support local business!


Where Wizards Stay Up Late: The Origins of the Internet - Really fun and engaging read, with tons of interviews with the people who creaed the original ARPANET, telling the story of how IMPs became routers. Brings a refreshing human touch to the whole thing!


J-Pod (Douglas Coupland) - Copeland's books are always such witty takes on nerd culture. It's about six game developers whose names all begin with J and who all sit together because of an HR error, making a dumb skateboard game while battling even dumber changes they keep being forced to make, like adding in a turtle character with attitude, so the marketing manager can please his son in a custody battle.


The Shadow of the Wind (Carlos Ruiz Zafón) - The first in a series about the Cemetry of Forgotten Books, a secret underground labyrinth library that keeps copies of forgotten and protected texts. The few people who know about it are allowed to take one and only one book, on the promise that they guard it with their life. A boy called Daniel is drawn to a book by Julian Carax, but as Daniel grows older and tries to find more by the author, he finds that someone is slowly and systematically destroying every copy of every Carax book ever written. A dark and literary horror story, and one I loved.


All My Friends Are Superheroes (Andrew Kaufman) - Every single one of Tom's friensd is a genuine superhero, including his wife, The Perfectionist. Her ex is a jealous hypnotist, who hypnotises her to think she can't see or hear Tom. Heartbroken, she boards a plane to get away from it all. Tom follows her, and has until the plane touches down to convince her he's still there, or he loses her forever. This is short and SUPER heart-warming. If you need a pick-me-up right now, get this one first.


Chris Parker
Juniper Ambassador