Real Talk: The Network Matters
Real Talk: The Network Matters

Maintaining sanity in the age of Corona...

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‎04-03-2020 01:16 PM

Just curious how everyone is making out these days... seems like it's been forever that many of us have been constrained to our homes...

I am missing the physical aspects of being able to get out and see my friends, go to the gym, going out to eat at my favorite restaurants... 

How is everyone else faring? How are you all staying sane in this new reality we are living in these days?


Stefan Fouant
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Real Talk: The Network Matters

Re: Maintaining sanity in the age of Corona...

‎04-08-2020 12:19 PM

It's a huge challenge, isn't it. Losing the gym was a big thing for me. I'm really bad at exercising alone; going to classes was absoutely transformative for me, as well as being surrounded by other folks to be inspired by. My solution has been HIIT videos on YouTube. I think the whole English-speaking world knows about Joe Hicks PE by now, but if you go through his archives he's got some more adult-focused classes that seriously make you burn. Very glad I've discovered those, it's giving me a focus again!


Finding focus is the key, I think. We can't control so much of this, and there's no obvious end in sight, so putting on goals and working towards them is absolutely crucial. I'd love to try for JNCIP-DC this year, and no matter how chaotic things get, knowing about that goal helps me to find an hour a day at least to read and practice towards it. It takes a while to find the focus, because the anxiety of all of this is quite overwhelming, but I'm finding a little meditation before I start is hugely helpful for keeping peace and getting my head in the game.


Solidarity Stefan, it'll all be over before we know it!

Chris Parker
Juniper Ambassador