Real Talk: The Network Matters
Real Talk: The Network Matters

Updating devices in the era of travel restrictions

‎04-01-2020 05:06 PM
How do you guys deal with updates these days? Are you affected by travel restrictions?

Did you come up with a plan that involves a „worst case travel“? Are you still able to access your equipment or has your DC closed the doors for your visits?

Are critical updates postponed?

Im curious how you deal with this during Corona. Let’s come up with ideas here how to minimize the risk while still being able to perform critical (security) updates Smiley Happy
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Christian Scholz
JNCIE-SEC :: Juniper Networks Ambassador :: Telonic (Germany)
Real Talk: The Network Matters

Re: Updating devices in the era of travel restrictions

‎04-05-2020 03:58 AM

In these times we have added to the normal change review process an extra evaluation of change criticality and impact. 


We have delayed changes that were planned that might only have loss of redundancy impact if the loss affected critical infrastructure like healthcare or emergency services.


We have evaluated project timelines and delayed non-critical projects and their associated changes.


We double up on the peer reviews to reduce the risk on critical changes for operations that still need to proceed.


We have seen clients postpone changes related to on-site facilities that have outside vendor restrictions now in place.


But at the same time we have a rush on a significant number of installs and upgrades with more new orders coming in as well.


Steve Puluka BSEET - Juniper Ambassador
IP Architect - DQE Communications Pittsburgh, PA (Metro Ethernet & ISP)