Real Talk: The Network Matters
Real Talk: The Network Matters

Welcome to Real Talk

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‎03-30-2020 02:57 PM

Hello everyone-


We've opened this new discussion forum for you to connect and have real conversations with your fellow network engineers about increased workloads, expedited requests and how you are navigating these new demands on you and your network. It's for sharing your strategies, workarounds and tips and tricks that everyone can learn about and benefit from. 


We would like to turn some of these topics into a conference call or roundtable with those that would be interested in having a live discussion. We welcome your recommendations. 


If you are currently not a member of the J-Net Community, you can still view the discussion forum. If you would like to contribute, simply register for a guest account  here.


We will also be linking to ideas and strategies from this forum on our Community Twitter handle, so follow along if you are interested.


Be sure to subscribe to this forum to stay on top of new discussions. 


Thanks for being the driving force in keeping us all connected! We hope that you and your families and colleagues are safe and well.

Julie Wider
Advocacy Manager
Twitter: @JNetCommunity & @jawider