BGP Dual-Home with default route only

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I've been scratching my head for a week as to what is the best solution to my problem.  I haven't found any other discussion on this topic which I think is pretty common:


We have 2 BGP sessions with our upstreams, each announcing a default-route.  If one of the ISP performs an upgrade on their router, BGP goes down and life is good.  However, as their router reloads, the BGP session with us - announcing a default-route - is coming back up before their router as the full table loaded, resulting in a ~30 seconds outage after the BGP neighbor is back up.


** I depicted the situation as most people would see it, in our case we have an advantage, we are also the upstream provider.


Here are my thought:


1.  Have the upstream (still us in our case) receive the default-route from the internet and propagate it to the customer, in this case the default route wouldn't be generated by the PE, avoiding the blackhole situation on reload


2.  Use a recursive default route with a next-hop of a summary (eg from the upstream (e.g. static route next-hop


I don't like the first one as it means introducing a default-route in our public ASN.

I don't like the second one as it still a static route in a fully dynamic environment


What are your thoughts on this?


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Re: BGP Dual-Home with default route only

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There is always a 3rd option 🙂

If Your ISP router is from Juniper, then ask Your ISP team to introduce a delay in announcing the 0/0 to You until this ISP router fully converges





Please ask Your Juniper account team about Juniper Professional Services offerings.
Juniper PS can design, test & build the network/part of the network as per Your requirements


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