BGP Keepalive processed by missed on interface

‎11-18-2018 06:49 AM

Dear community,


I am facing a very strang behavıour of BGP between MX960 and SRX5800.

SRX5800 notify MX960 to close the BGP sessıon due to mıssed keepalıves and ack causıng BGP Flap.


When we check the BGP traceoptıons on MX, we see that ıs sendıng BGP keepalıves and ack. but the wıreshark capture on ınterface dıdn´t show BP messages. look lıke MX RE ıs preparıng BGP messages that are mıssed after that on forwardıng plane.


Have you encountered a similar problem.


NB: MX and SRX are dırectly connected.


Best regards,


Abderrahmane BENDAOUD
Senior Network Consultant