BGP - receiving two default routes from same AS

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‎01-07-2014 05:49 AM

Trying to figure out how to do this one... hopefully someone can validate my thinking here...


We will have 2 default routes being received from Level3 on the same MX. One will head to Seattle and the other will head to SFO. Business requirements say we have to keep traffic symmetrical at the same IP drain points. I plan to use communities to seperate out the two IP drain points, but with two default routes from the same AS coming in on the same MX pushing up to the route reflectors, this causes a problem. Im thinking we use MED, with a local preference value so that one is preferred over the other with the communtiies? If we received another AS other than 3356 from Level3, would that make things easier? I think it would... ?


Goal is to try and keep this simple. I know this could be solved with a VRF but that isnt understood by everyone around here, so its not on the list as an option yet.