[CTP 150] Problem analizing log messages

11.21.11   |  
‎11-21-2011 07:21 AM



We encountered problem with different CTP and we try to determine if the problem is due to the operator or to the CTP. The problem is that, on a same line, one CTP is in a "Running" state, and the other CTP pass in the "Insync" state (trying to emulate à serial line on an Ethernet line throught an operator).

The solution : we must reboot the CTP in a "Running" state because the counter "NET bound packets" stopped (that's why the other CTP is in an "Insync" state).

We tried to analize the log message but it is not easy to understand.


Rx pkt for BD that DMA is using... Reject late pkt...


Pkt diff -63 > Max 60 pkt_num 56 last 119, restarting...


nova_proc_restart: Setting pkt_size to 1024 bytes


The CTP in "Running" state seems to "freeze" and on the other CTP, the bundle never goes back to the state "Running" except if a reboot is done on the other CTP.


On another CTP, the same problem appears and after a manual reboot, we encountered the following logs :

se-0/0 B31 set. free cnt 0xfafe0752


Can someone know the signification of this message ?Is it normal that the CTP "freeze" and never works again if a manual reboot is not done on the CTP in a "Running" state ?


Thanks in advance.