DHCP Relay Not Working for Subscriber Management- MX80 BRAS/BNG !

‎11-18-2016 07:13 PM

I am trying to configure on MX80 BNG DHCP Relay for IPoE Subscribers ( transported via MPLS L2 VPN to the BNG).


Psuedowire Subscriber Interface Solution is being used for MPLS Access ( "ps" interfaces ps113.0). Subscriber Management with Service VLAN Model is being used.


The DHCP Relay is stuck in "Selecting" State and the IP Address released by the DHCP Server is not being passed to the Client from MX80. IP is being released from DHCP Server but stuck in Selecting State on MX80.



Nov 19 05:18:40.852554 Auth request reply SUCCESS
Nov 19 05:18:40.855717 rc_entry_sus_find_ipaddr: TYPE 0 for IP ADDR in routing context LR default/RI default
Nov 19 05:18:40.855764 Entry w/ ref_count 2 found when searching 'subunit by ip-addr' for IP ADDR in routing context LR default/RI default
Nov 19 05:18:40.858997 Updated SDB with client IP addr, in state RELAY_STATE_SELECTING
Nov 19 05:18:40.927905 Demux IFL has session ID 1828
Nov 19 05:18:40.927974 jdhcpd_iflm_handler - demux0.1073742903 (ifindx 349) has underlying interface of ps113.1073742902 (ifindx 347)
Nov 19 05:18:40.928086 iff-event demux0.1073742903, oper add, state up, ifl_index 349, dev_index 128, af 2(INET)
Nov 19 05:18:40.928137 jdhcpd_iffm_handler_idl: RtrCtx: LS:default, RI:default, BD:, AF:INET; IS configured
Nov 19 05:18:40.928174 jdhcpd_ip_demux_get_cfg: demux0.1073742903 successfully inherited its INET dhcp_type(0) from its underlying ps113.1073742902 INET safd in LSRI default:default
Nov 19 05:18:40.928211 jdhcpd_iffm_handler_idl: (Status=2) Could not find bd index tlv - wait for IFBD iff(demux0) msg for ifl(demux0)
Nov 19 05:18:40.928249 Composing intf name: full_ifname = demux0.0, sizeof(full_ifname) = 60, underlying_ifd->dev_name = ps113, su_stack->ifd_ptr->dev_name = demux0, found AUTOCONF
Nov 19 05:18:40.928282 jdhcpd_interface_config_find_in_rc: if_name demux0.0, rc default:default: (0x1c11000), flags 0xa0040d
Nov 19 05:18:40.928315 jdhcpd_interface_config_find_in_rc: grp_name GPON
Nov 19 05:18:40.928348 Interface 'demux0.0' not found
Nov 19 05:18:40.928380 inteface demux0.0 DID NOT find cfg
Nov 19 05:18:41.001023 Got profile instantiate reply 0 in RELAY_STATE_WAIT_PROF_INST, updating SDB with client session state 1, session Id 1828
Nov 19 05:18:41.001062 jdhcpd_session_db_client_session_state_set: setting session state 1
Nov 19 05:18:41.001129 jdhcpd_session_db_client_session_state_set: setting action bits to 3, config-bits:0x3 0 0 0 0 0
Nov 19 05:18:41.004559 profile instantiate reply SUCCESS
Nov 19 05:18:41.004606 Relay Client got new interface demux0.1073742903, unit stack 0x1f6d200 INET safd 0x1f6d400
Nov 19 05:18:41.004640 Relay Client gonna go wait for the interface
Nov 19 05:18:43.580195 unexpected event received 2 from state RELAY_STATE_WAIT_INTERFACE
Nov 19 05:18:46.581353 unexpected event received 2 from state RELAY_STATE_WAIT_INTERFACE
Nov 19 05:18:49.580972 unexpected event received 2 from state RELAY_STATE_WAIT_INTERFACE
Nov 19 05:19:03.146792 unexpected event received 1 from state RELAY_STATE_WAIT_INTERFACE




Note- The same Client is able to successfully obtain the IP Address via MX 80 DHCP Relay in normal MPLS L2 VPN setup without using Subscriber Managerment Solution.


Attached are the configuration and DHCP traceoptions logs. If anyone has any pointers. Got stuck now and could not find much information anywhere.