DHCP Snooping database backup...

‎01-07-2019 11:15 AM



does anyone have any experience with the persistent database backup for DHCP snooping?


DHCP snooping looks to be working fine for me.. though it just won't back up... not even locally!


Any ideas anyone????? been trying to get this to back up for some time now... though statistics show that it isn't even attempting 😞

Junos: 15.1R7.9, ex4200-48t


law@core-sw-3> show configuration | match oop | display set
set protocols igmp-snooping vlan all
set ethernet-switching-options secure-access-port dhcp-snooping-file location tftp://
set ethernet-switching-options secure-access-port dhcp-snooping-file write-interval 90

law@core-sw-3> show dhcp snooping binding       
DHCP Snooping Information:
MAC address        IP address                           Lease (seconds)  Type     VLAN    Interface
00:10:75:5E:84:36                                 603980  dynamic  BO      ge-4/0/37.0
00:24:21:5F:CB:9F                                  603933  dynamic  BO      ge-4/0/29.0
00:24:21:AD:21:8A                                 603673  dynamic  BO      ge-4/0/5.0
10:60:4B:81:04:12                                  603367  dynamic  BO      ge-4/0/40.0
10:60:4B:8C:5B:C2                                 603898  dynamic  BO      ge-4/0/25.0
34:64:A9:11:C2:10                                  604220  dynamic  BO      ge-4/0/43.0
34:64:A9:12:35:A3                                 603194  dynamic  BO      ge-4/0/24.0
50:9A:4C:BD:25:4C                                 603034  dynamic  BO      ge-4/0/14.0
6C:3B:E5:39:BD:FE                                 604059  dynamic  BO      ge-4/0/31.0

law@core-sw-3> show dhcp snooping statistics
DHCP Snoop Persistence statistics
Successful Remote Transfers: 0           Failed Remote Transfers: 0      
Successful Record Reads    : 0           Failed Record Reads    : 0      
Successful Record Writes   : 0           Failed Record Writes   : 0


Re: DHCP Snooping database backup...

‎01-08-2019 09:23 AM

any one have any working examples?