Documents for a NEW Juniper user (Most Read threads copied from the old J-Net)

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Documents for a NEW Juniper user
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Good day Juniper Wizards


I am not sure I should be on this forum for this question, BUT

This is my first excursion into the Juniper world, I am the owner of a small network in Arizona that is a wholly owned subsidy of a large company in New York, I have been told I need to change my network to meet the requirements of the parent company which is load balanced Juniper firewalls in conjunction with IDP devices

So I recieved 4 Netscreen 204's and 2 600c IDP's. I have never worked with Juniper as a matter of fact I am an Exchange/SAN guy by profession, and have been giving the daunting task of configuring and installing these devices on my network.

we use Sonicwalls right now which are okay devices and I have learned them on the fly, My network is very simple. I have a corporate network with 5 VLANs Living on a Dell Powerconnect layer 3 switch, directly forwarding all traffic to a LAN port on a Sonicwall Firewall, I also have a DMZ which separates my corporate from my production and it is only 1 VLAN with the gateway actually the sonicwall at that end. and all traffic is routed by the sonicwalls.

I have two WAN connections on separate firewalls (one for corporate and one for production) which all outbound traffic is routed out.

So you can see I have a very simple network, My parent company wants me to set two firewall in between my coroporate and production and replace my corporate sonicwall with load balanced junipers using VRRP for both

So I guess what I am asking is for some good documentation on the inner workings of the Juniper and perhaps some tips on properly configuring them. My Networking skills are moderate since I had not done any in a while till I got here, So basically I need to be spoon fed, or some good documents to ease my pain

any advice or criticism is welcome by all, thanks in advance


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RE: Documents for a NEW Juniper user
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posted by scummins on Jun 15, 2007  9:37 AM

First, you would do well to get at least a basic level of J-Care on the devices so that you can contact JTAC for configuration assistance and create a login to the Juniper website. Once you have that and you have a login to Juniper, you can download the Configuration and Examples Guides for those devices. These documents are "chock-full" of configuration statements, explanations, and examples. With these documents and JTAC on the phone, you should be able to properly design and implement your desired solution.



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RE: Documents for a NEW Juniper user
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posted by aroper on Aug 27, 2007  4:32 AM
I certainly agree with aroper regarding registering the devices for support.  However you don't need an account to view documentation.  Goto this link:
For ScreenOS Concept & Examples Guides click on the NetScreen Software link.  For IDP click on NetScreen-IDP.
Incidentally, going forward you should probably post further questions on the Security products forums as the IP routing side is mostly JUNOS router side products.

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