Does ERX310 support dhcpv6 with IA_NA but not IA_PD

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‎06-22-2010 12:51 AM

Dear all,


I have a question about whether the E series support allocation ipv6 address over dhcpv6 by replying a dhcpv6 solicit with IA_NA. We have successfully configure the router to reply dhcpv6 solicit with IA_PD, but we found it doesn't reply any dhcpv6 solicit with IA_NA? Is there anything special I need to configure or it's just doesn't support that?


Is there any R&D engineer in this forum? or can anybody help to find the information? I add two packets here, you can clearly find that the router didn't reply any dhcpv6 solicit with IA_NA.


Hope you can help! Thank you very much!





Re: Does ERX310 support dhcpv6 with IA_NA but not IA_PD

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I know this is a very old thread and I suppose you already found your answer by now, but since we are now facing the same problem I do think it is worth posting the answer we got from ATAC.


The current JUNOSe implementation of DHCPv6 Local Server only supports IPv6 Prefix Delegation (PD). It doesn’t support DHCPv6 absolute 128-bit address assignment.

From the packet capture, I can see that Windows 7 DHCPv6 client has requested for an absolute non-temporary address (IA_NA). Our DHCPv6 Local Server looks for an IA_PD (prefix request) option in the Solicit message. Since it can’t find an IA_PD option in the Solicit message, it drops the packet.

The DHCPv6 client on Windows 7 PC would need to be configured to request for an IPv6 prefix (IA_PD) instead of an absolute address (IA_NA). We can suggest to the customer to alter the Windows 7 DHCPv6 client configuration and then try