ECMP load distribution algorithium

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Let say we two paths between R1 and R2 and we are doing ECMP:    R1-f1----------------------f2--R2          f2----------------------f2



Let say R1 receives a packet with SRC IP, SRC TCP 34 destination DST TCP 90.

ECMP algorithium uses SRC IP/DST IP/SRC port/DSTport and computes the hash value associated with F1, therefore F1 is selected  for forwarding.


I am wondering if the algorithium still computes the same hash for return traffic on R2 and R2 too selects f1?

In Cisco we can  use a  command with SRC IP/DST IP/SRC PORT/DSTPORT as options  and see which port will be used for forwarding.


Do we have any such commands in Juniper ?









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Re: ECMP load distribution algorithium

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Hi, you can use hash-key or enhanced-hash-key for controlling loadbalancing algorithm.

Also there a lot of other options available for balancing adaptive-lb/Random Spray/ symmetric / src-ip/dst-ip   ...


Re: ECMP load distribution algorithium

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Thanks for your response.


What is the default for load balancing ?