ERX310 with JUNOSe 7.2, How to support ppp IPv6

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Hi all,


I want to configure a ppp ipv6 in ERX310, the topology is as following


   ------                 --------             ------------              ---------
 |PC    |_______| Router|_____|ERX310  |______| Radius |
  ------                |----------|          |------------|            |-----------|


I configured a user testipv6 with return list of framed-ipv6-prefix 500:2000::/48


I configured "aaa authentication ppp default radius" in ERX310, the radius server parameter accordingly, and I configured service dhcpv6-local, the interface in ERX310 is ATM interface.


I neet a route to be the ppp requestor, at first I configured the router with the user name and password, the odd is the route can get that IPv6 prefix with /64 at its LAN port, the link wih PC, and the PC can get an IPv6 address, but the link between router and ERX310 got no IPv6 address.


I captured the packets, I find radius can send out prefix option all right, but ERX310 didn't send out prefix in its router advertisement packets, so I looked up some reference , and find the ipv6 nd prefix-advertisement command, I wish I cound add the prefix in router advertisement manully, but I can't use that command in subinter atm level, as follow:

(config)#interface atm 2/0.205
(config-subif)#atm pvc 205 0 205 aal
(config-subif)#atm pvc 205 0 205 aal5snap
(config-subif)#encapsulation pppoe
(config-subif)#interface atm2/0.205.1
(config-subif)#encapsulation ppp
(config-subif)#ppp authentication chap pap
(config-subif)#ip unnumber
(config-subif)#ip unnumbered loopback 5
(config-subif)#ip access-routes
(config-subif)#ipv6 unnumbered loopback 5

(config-subif)#ipv6 nd other-config-flag

% Failed to set parameter (unsupported interface type)

(config-subif)#ipv6 nd prefix-advertisement 500:2000::/64 100 100 onlink auto

% Failed to set parameter (unsupported interface type)

(config-subif)#ERROR 07/21/2009 02:46:41 dhcpv6LsGeneral: sendReply: messa
ge transmit failed


I don't know why, is it not supported in atm subinterface??


How can I implement my objective? All in all, I just want to implement an IPv6 ppp authentication with external radius, the router will authenticate for the end user, the PC can get its IPv6 address from the router.


It's urgent! Please help!

Thank you!



Re: ERX310 with JUNOSe 7.2, How to support ppp IPv6

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‎03-02-2011 05:02 PM

hi there


did you find how to get ppp working with IPv6?. i'm trying to do similar thing on a E120 :-)




Re: ERX310 with JUNOSe 7.2, How to support ppp IPv6

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IPv6 over PPP should work fine, especially in 10.3.x or 11.x JUNOSe.

Have you found something which was supposed to work and wasn't working?





Re: ERX310 with JUNOSe 7.2, How to support ppp IPv6

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thanks  for your answer Sergil


we're just trying


but it doesn't seem to work. Ipv4 works fine


Could you paste the config you're using for ipv6 if you wouldn't mind?




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Re: ERX310 with JUNOSe 7.2, How to support ppp IPv6

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‎03-11-2011 08:43 AM

Hi Carlos,


Recently I've tested DHCPv6-PD LS configuration on 11.2.1 for dual-stack CPEs and found no issues. If you're sure that the configuration provided in Juniper documentation doesn't work, please open the case in JTAC.


Here is IPv6 related configuration:


aaa domain-map none
 auth-router-name default
 ip-router-name internet
 ipv6-router-name v6_internet
 ipv6-prefix-pool-name v4v6_pool


profile "v4v6_profile"
 ip unnumbered loopback 4
 ip sa-validate
 ipv6 unnumbered loopback 6
 ipv6 sa-validate
 ppp authentication pap chap
 pppoe sessions 1
 pppoe duplicate-protection


service dhcpv6-local
ipv6 dhcpv6-local prefix-lifetime infinite



ipv6 address-pool local

ipv6 local pool v4v6_pool
 prefix 2001:8888:88ff:f000::/52 56



Some outputs:


E320#show subscribers ipv6

User Name           Type     IPv6 Interface Id       Router                 Interface                   Login Time           Circuit Id       
------------------------   -----   -------------------   ------------   --------------------------------   -------------------   ----------------   ----------------
102                        ppp     a8bb:cdff:fe00:0      v6_internet        GigabitEthernet 2/0/3.110011:11-   11/02/22

E320#show subscribers ipv6 prefix
                           Subscriber List                            
       User Name                           IPv6 Prefix                
------------------------   -------------------------------------------
102                        2001:8888:88ff:f700::/56         


E320:v6_internet#show ipv6 route access
Protocol/Route type codes:
  I1- ISIS level 1, I2- ISIS level2,
  I- route type intra, IA- route type inter, E- route type external,
  i- metric type internal, e- metric type external,
  O- OSPF, E1- external type 1, E2- external type2,
  N1- NSSA external type1, N2- NSSA external type2
  L- MPLS label, V- VRF, *- via indirect next-hop

         Prefix/Length             Type     Dst/Met                  Interface                
-------------------------------- --------- ---------- ----------------------------------------                         
2001:8888:88ff:f700::/56       Access    3/0        GigabitEthernet2/0/3.110011.44