ESI Status: Unresolved in show evpn instance extensive

‎04-19-2019 02:34 PM

Hello everyone. 

I`m seeing Status: Unresolved on remote PE for multi-homed ESI segment, while in normal situation  i can see something like "Status: Resolved by NH 1048576". Why is it happening? 


Re: ESI Status: Unresolved in show evpn instance extensive

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‎04-19-2019 09:18 PM

<-- This is normal. This is basically the next-hop id(unilist) that indicates its ecmp.
Number of ethernet segments: 2
ESI: 00:00:17:0a:df:07:00:00:00:00
Status: Resolved by NH 1048660       <<<<<<<<< this is the esi on the remote side
Number of remote PEs connected: 2
Remote PE MAC label Aliasing label Mode 21 21 all-active 21 21 all-active
ESI: 00:00:17:0a:df:08:00:00:00:00
Status: Resolved by IFL ae0.2999 <<<<<<<< this is the esi on the local segment
Local interface: ae0.2999, Status: Up/Forwarding

lab@R5_re> show configuration | display set | match 00:00:17:0a:df:08:00:00:00:00
set interfaces ae0 esi 00:00:17:0a:df:08:00:00:00:00

lab@R5_re> show evpn database instance evpn mac-address 56:68:a6:6b:10:66
Instance: evpn
VLAN DomainId MAC address Active source Timestamp IP address
2999 56:68:a6:6b:10:66 00:00:17:0a:df:08:00:00:00:00 Apr 19 20:54:58 x.x.x.x

lab@R5_re> show evpn mac-table 56:68:a6:6b:29:55
MAC MAC Logical NH MAC active
address flags interface Index property source
56:68:a6:6b:29:55 DC 1048660 00:00:17:0a:df:07:00:00:00:00 <<<<<<<<

lab@R5_re> show route forwarding-table destination 56:68:a6:6b:29:55 table evpn
Routing table: evpn.evpn
Enabled protocols: Single VLAN, ACKed by all peers, EVPN, ARP/NDP suppression,
Destination Type RtRef Next hop Type Index NhRef Netif
56:68:a6:6b:29:55/48 user 0 indr 1048661 4
ulst 1048660 3 <<<<<<<<
indr 1048650 3 Push 21 957 3 ge-0/0/3.10
indr 1048652 3 Push 21 959 3 ge-0/0/4.10

Thank You,

Re: ESI Status: Unresolved in show evpn instance extensive

‎04-19-2019 11:47 PM


Thanks for reply.

ut why status "Unresolved" can appear?

I`m seeing it on problem site.


Re: ESI Status: Unresolved in show evpn instance extensive

‎04-20-2019 03:14 AM

Hi smelnik,


Was there any change that triggered this? Please share full output of "show evpn instance <> extensive".

It seems these routes may not be active on the remote PE. So please check if these routes are actually still active for this ES on the remote PE.

show evpn mac-table 56:68:a6:6b:29:55
show route table <evpn_instance_name>.evpn.0 protocol evpn extensive


If the MAC route isn't active on the remote PE, but still showing up on other PE's that sounds incorrect and should be reported. Try to toggle the ESI config on the PE where the ES is local and see if this resolves.


Hope this helps.




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Re: ESI Status: Unresolved in show evpn instance extensive

‎04-20-2019 03:25 AM

Hello, i`ve solved problem - was my mistake, i handnt enabled bgp multipath on PE router.