Having Two PEs in an MPBN

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‎05-04-2011 01:49 AM

Hi Experts,


A mobile operator(Z) has an existing MPBN comprising of Juniper Routers. 4 M320 as P routers and M10i(Z-PE) as PEs scattered accros regions.

The operator has partnered with another vendor(H) and need to separate 4 of the vendor (H-sites) on the MPBN.

Therefore the vendor(H) has to connect her routers (H-PE)in these four region to the M10i, maintain, manage and separate her network.

Vendor(H) traffic will use the existing MPBN-MPLS network as carrier for the traffic between these H-sites.

Vendor(H) traffic are of 4 diffrent types such as Billing, OAM, Signal and Voice.

Making reference to the explanation above,
H wants to have full control over all her traffic therefore, all H devices will also be made PE; Hence 4 diff VPN-instances will be maintained
on H-devices. VPN-billing, VPN-OAM, VPN-Signal and VPN-Voice.

(A) Is it possible to maitain two PEs(H-PE and Z-PE) in H-sites.

(B) Is it possible to maintain a VPN-instances 
 (1) on the H-Devices(H-PE) and a corresponding VPN on the juniper (Z-PE), i.e for advertisement of VPN-IPv4 between H-PE and Z-PE
 (2) maintain the same VPN instances on  Z-PEs and other Z-PEs in H-Regions
 (3) Z-PE provides mpls bi-directional among H-sites

(C) Make use of EBGP between Z-PE and H-PE. These will saperate H-AS from Z-AS.
(D) Redistribute H-traffic into BGP.

note: H-PEs cannot run MP-BGP because there is no direct link nor no existing IGP between H-PEs
      Z-PEs has MP-BGP and existing IGP running among each other. MPLS exist in all H-sites

I will attach a diagram shortly.