How to route between a routing instance and a logical system

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I wish to implement routing between a routing-instance and a logical-system on the same MX, is this possible? If so how?


I have a Layer-3 MPLS VPN on my MX240 and also a logical-system (which provides internet transit). I want to route from the public IP's within the L3 MPLS VPN to the public IP's within the logical-system.


    description "MPLS L3VPN for Customer Internet Access";
    instance-type vrf;
    interface ge-1/1/9.455;
    route-distinguisher 65001:455;
    vrf-target target:65001:455;
    routing-options {
        static {
            route next-hop;     <--- This needs to be the logical-system


On the logical-system side I  guess I need to put static routes back to the VRF routing-instance in the non-logical-system router, however I'm not sure how to do this.


Can anyone help?





Re: How to route between a routing instance and a logical system

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If you have a DPC installed in your MX-, you can configure a port to be a tunnel-services interface.


Configuring Layer 3 Tunnel Services Interfaces on MX-series Routers


Then configure the logical tunnel (lt-) interfaces in the logical-router and vrf instances.


Configuring Logical Tunnel Interfaces


If you've only installed FPC, and not a DPC, you will need to install a Tunnel PIC in the FPC. Or you could physically connect two interfaces on the router together, with one configured in the vrf instance, and one configured in the logical-router.