IP Helper query on Juniper routers

‎08-21-2013 05:04 AM

Hi guys,


I raised a post in the Cisco forum on the basis that I thought our routers in each of our sites were Cisco. Turns out they are Juniper routers.


Please can I pick the brains of you experts. The issue is outlined in post #1 in the following link:


According to the community member, the result I am trying to achieve is not possible in Cisco hardware. Here's hoping Junuper might have what I am looking for.






Re: IP Helper query on Juniper routers

‎08-22-2013 07:49 AM



Just to set the scene for discussion, You asked the following on CSCO forums


This is what I would like to achieve:
1/- All 300 sites configured with the ip helper command to send each client request to both DHCP servers at the main office.
2/ - If the main office blows up, have all client requests to go to both server IP addresses at DR


(1) is possible to achieve with JUNOS BOOTP helper feature. Sample configuration (where servers and clients are inside VRF)


forwarding-options {
    helpers {
        bootp {
            interface {
                ge-0/0/1.0 {
                    server routing-instance VRF1;
                    server routing-instance VRF1;
                    maximum-hop-count 16;

 (2) generally speaking, You will need something which acts as Load Balancer - periodically performs server healthchecks and redirects traffic to a backup server if primary server(s) stop responding.

You may get around it using JUNOS RPM probes+event-script which changes the router config on probe failure (i.e. rewrites server IP address + possibly routing-instance as well).





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