ISIS neighbor down between MX960 to MX480

07.15.09   |  
‎07-15-2009 12:13 AM


Does some know what could be the problem when I get the following error:



This side receive and transmit LSPs.


ERROR: underestimated extended IS reachability TLV by 56 bytes


The state of adjacency is:

xe-3/2/0.0            DC-MX480   2  Initializing         19


One of the monitor traffic messages I get is (Why ES-IS?):


15:45:51.403019  In ES-IS, length 43
        ISH (4), v: 1, checksum: 0xb538 (correct), holding time: 180s, length indicator: 24
          NET (length: 10): xx.xxxx.xxxx.xxxx.xxxx.xx
          ES Configuration Time Option #198, length 2, value: 180s



This side only transmit LSPs.


15:45:45.936285 Out IP (tos 0xc0, ttl   1, id 41599, offset 0, flags [none], proto: UDP (17), length: 70) > ALL-ROUTERS.MCAST.NET.ldp:
        LDP, Label-Space-ID:, pdu-length: 38
          Hello Message (0x0100), length: 28, Message ID: 0x004a7060, Flags: [ignore if unknown]
            Common Hello Parameters TLV (0x0400), length: 4, Flags: [ignore and don't forward if unknown]
              Hold Time: 15s, Flags: [Link Hello]
            IPv4 Transport Address TLV (0x0401), length: 4, Flags: [ignore and don't forward if unknown]
              IPv4 Transport Address:
            Configuration Sequence Number TLV (0x0402), length: 4, Flags: [ignore and don't forward if unknown]
              Sequence Number: 48
15:45:49.656498 Out IS-IS, length 56
        p2p IIH, hlen: 20, v: 1, pdu-v: 1, sys-id-len: 6 (0), max-area: 3 (0)
          source-id: xxxx.xxxx.xxxx, holding time: 27s, Flags: [Level 2 only]
          circuit-id: 0x01, PDU length: 56
            Point-to-point Adjacency State TLV #240, length: 5
              Adjacency State: Down (2)
              Neighbor Extended Local circuit-ID: 0xd4b37c9a
            Protocols supported TLV #129, length: 2
              NLPID(s): IPv4 (0xcc), IPv6 (0x8e)
            IPv4 Interface address(es) TLV #132, length: 4
              IPv4 interface address:
            Area address(es) TLV #1, length: 4
              Area address (length: 3): xx.xxxx
            Restart Signaling TLV #211, length: 3
              Flags [none], Remaining holding time 0s
            Authentication TLV #10, length: 6
              simple text password: xxxxxxx