[J4350] Change VRRP mastership when linknet gateway is not reachable any more

‎10-08-2013 05:51 AM



we have a J4350 CPE router with JUNOS 11.4, which is Layer 3 directly connected (not L1 and L2) through ge-0/0/0 with a /30 linknet to an EX4200 switch.


On the LAN interface of the J-router, which is ge-0/0/2, there is a VRRP group configured with a /29 customer network. Of course, a second router participates in this VRRP setup.


My question is: Is it possible that the J-router permanently pings the linknet gateway out of ge-0/0/0 (it is important that this ping really goes out of ge-0/0/0 and not over the second router through the whole Internet) and if it can't ping the gateway IP, it reduces the VRRP priority so that the other router becomes the VRRP master?


Thanks in advance


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