Juniper equivalent of DSU mode Cisco

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I would like to know the Juniper equivalent of DSU mode cisco (DS3/T3 compatibility mode) ?

I mean what to configure under t3-options, compatibility-mode xxx subrate yyy?  when moving a t3 from cisco router to Juniper router.


Juniper is giving the below options -- Digital-link,Kentrox,Larscom,none


Re: Juniper equivalent of DSU mode Cisco

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‎11-06-2008 08:12 AM


Best thing to do is to find out what the Cisco is configured for, and match that.  If nothing is configured, the default is "Digital Link" or mode 0 in IOS-speak.  Per CCO, here are the 4 options:

   0:  Digital Link, the default setting

   1:  Kentrox

   2:  Larscom

   3:  Adtran

   4:  Verilink


Keep in mind that the point of subrate compatibility settings is that different vendors implement subrate DS3 in different ways.  However, since all vendors should implement full DS3 in the same fashion, I recommend asking the service provider to turn off the subrate temporarily if you have problems bringing up a circuit as a troubleshooting method.  So even if you have mis-matched DSU modes, the circuit should come up as a full DS3/44210 kbps if there are no other problems.


Hope this helps.