MX80 and CoS

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‎08-30-2012 07:04 AM

I am currently fighting the MX80 platform, at least, it feels like fighting.

I am trying to implement CoS on this router, but it seems to be refusing to send traffic into the queues I have defined.

For instance, take the follwoing config subset:

set class-of-service classifiers dscp DSCP forwarding-class NC loss-priority low code-points cs6

set class-of-service forwarding-classes class NC queue-num 7
set class-of-service forwarding-classes class NC priority high

set class-of-service scheduler-maps NRT-MED forwarding-class NC scheduler control

set class-of-service traffic-control-profiles 10MB-NRT-MED scheduler-map NRT-MED
set class-of-service traffic-control-profiles 10MB-NRT-MED shaping-rate 10m

set class-of-service schedulers control transmit-rate percent 2
set class-of-service schedulers control buffer-size percent 2
set class-of-service schedulers control priority low
set class-of-service schedulers control drop-profile-map loss-priority any protocol any drop-profile 100

set class-of-service interfaces ge-1/1/1 output-traffic-control-profile 10MB-NRT-MED



When I do 'show interfaces queue ge-1/1/1', every ping with the TOS byte set to 192 ends up in a BE queue. The shaper is working, the scheduler appearantly, is not. Everythng seems to end up in queue 3, which should service other traffic.


Has anyone else experienced this issue? Am I missing a step?


Re: MX80 and CoS

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‎08-31-2012 10:02 AM

I may be wrong here but don't you have to set your classifier on your input interface such as;


                        dscp default (or whatever classifier should be on this interface)