Multiple PIM instances

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‎03-12-2011 06:44 PM

Hi guys,



This is a follow up to my previous forum post about splitting up BGP. Looks like setting up multiple routing instances and accepting the same routes on each instance met my routing requirements.


Unfortunately, hosts also need to to be able to join multicast groups on each routing instance via PIM originating on each routing instance. Everything is great with PIM if I'm not using routing instances but stops working when I do. If I define pim under each routing instance, and then do

"run show pim interfaces" I get

PIM instance is not running


If I define pim interfaces in the main routing context I get a list of interfaces under PIM.master, but never see anything related to the pim definitions in the virtual routing instances. What is the correct way to do this? I tried changing my routing-instance type to vrf and then not importing or exporting routes to my main inet.0 table, but no joy. Simarly if I only define pim under the main instance I am unable to add interfaces that are defined as belonging to my virtual instances.


I see some references to using rib groups,,, but not sure that is the right path.


So to clarify, given vlan interfaces  A, and B as part of routing instance ALPHA

and vlan interfaces C and D as part of routing instance BETA

How do I get PIM joins to work on vlan A (Joining an RP route via BGP on routing instance ALPHA)


PIM joins to work on vlan C (Joining an RP route via BGP on routing instance BETA)


Joins originating on vlan interface A cannot connect to instance BETA and joins originating on interface C cannot connect to instance ALPHA.


I thought that the virtual routers would allow me to treat these vlans literally as separate virtual instances for routing and forwarding, but PIM has made things difficult. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks for any suggestions.



Re: Multiple PIM instances

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>"run show pim interfaces" I get

>PIM instance is not running



Since you said you are running PIM under routing instance, you should be checking PIM with  'instance' at the end


run show pim interfaces instance ALPHA


Just wondering if you did this and still things are not working?




Pavan Kurapati