NTP/FTP in Routing-Instance, 2-way

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Im struggeling to include the inet.0 system services such as NTP and FTP to be able to traverse into an routing-instance.

I got Syslog working doing the following:


set system syslog host <SYSLOG-HOST> source-address  <lo0> (The IP of the lo0 interface wich has an IP in the routing instance and OSPF)

set system syslog host <SYSLOG-HOST> daemon info
set system syslog host <SYSLOG-HOST> any notice

set routing-instances <RI> routing-options interface-routes rib-group inet syslog

set routing-options rib-groups syslog import-rib <RI.inet.0>

set routing-options rib-groups syslog import-rib inet.0

set routing-options static route <SYSLOG-HOST/32> next-hop (Next Hop in Routing-Instance Routing-Table)

But since this is UDP traffic that doesnt need an response from the Syslog Host it doesnt work with the NTP and FTP servers.

How can i do something similar wich ables the traffic to traverse back to the switch? The Virtuell-Router that manages the networks for the servers is an Palo Alto wich has the lo0 interfaces  of the switches added in the OSPF, but i cant manage to add an 'source-address' to either the NTP or FTP configuration.

The only routing is available in the DATA routing-instance (WAN) and Guest routing-instance, guest only terminats to internet.

Switches in use out on the offices that needs the services:

Other JunOS devices:


Re: NTP/FTP in Routing-Instance, 2-way

3 weeks ago


Noone that can help me to leak the adresses to the routing instance?


Re: NTP/FTP in Routing-Instance, 2-way

3 weeks ago



Have you tried these KBs? unfortunately these Kbs are for ntp, but i think it can work with ftp too?


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