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2 weeks ago

Hi guys,

I am facing a very unique problem. I have a mx10003 router and intending to use Port 0 and 2. Port 0 will have the breakout cables so I can get 4x10G links whereas Port 2 will be used as 40G.

I have the following configuration under the chassis.


fpc 0 {
    pic 0 {
        port 0 {
            speed 10g;
        port 2 {
            speed 40g;

However, after coming the above config and resetting the PIC using the command.

request chassis pic pic-slot mic-slot-number fpc-slot fpc-slot-number (offline | online)

The PIC is not coming back online. It comes online for an instance and goes back offline immediately. Any idea what can be done here?


Many thanks!


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2 weeks ago

Re: Pic Offline for mx10003

2 weeks ago

Hi !


Please check the alarms : "show chassis alarms"

It will give you some idea.


Additionally refer this link :


Regardless of the line card— MIC (PIC1) or fixed-port PIC (PIC0) installed —you must configureboth the PICs and all the associated ports, under the [edit chassis] hierarchy. Configuring ports on only one of the PICs results in an invalid configuration.




Please configure below command. 

set chassis fpc 0 pic 1 number-of-ports 0


Commit the conifg and reboot the FPC.


After the FPC boots up ; collect these command:


show chassis alarms

 show chassis fpc pic-status

show chassis pic pic-slot 0 fpc-slot 0

show chassis pic pic-slot 1 fpc-slot 0