QFX as P-LSR ?

‎02-23-2017 01:09 AM



We are looking at deploying the QFX5110 and/or QFX5200 as MPLS LSR - pure P - routers.


Do any of you have pratical experience from production enviroments running such platforms in roles that are slightly outside the box?


The number of P routers is app 15 connected in rings, which means each P-node will have 2, 3 or 4 neighbors. 

From the datasheets I see that the QFX supports either 8k or 15k transit LSPs

Im looking at a way to estimate the total number of LSPs and get some numbers on LSPs on the most loaded nodes.

- any suggestions?

-- any good tools that you can recommend?

-- worst case for me would to boot 15 vSRX and build the topology to see the LSPs


The number of nodes in the IGP is app 50 including the P-nodes and a lot of PE nodes. 

I assume I get a label mapping for each loopback on each node in the topology. 


How big would you say a Core P-router should be?


How modular would you need a P-node to be?


Any suggestions will be appreciated Smiley Happy